Wichita, KS — Operation Rescue conducted neighborhood prayer walks on Saturday morning, June 18, near the homes of employees of late-term abortionist George R. Tiller.

Abortion worker Sara Phares Brown followed the Christians from the Operation Rescue office to the first stop of the morning, the home of abortion nurse, Ms. Keomany. As Rescuers set up their signs, Brown drove past the group with a video camera to one eye, then parked down the street to observe the group.
Within moments, Rescuers were approached by two men, relatives of Abortion Nurse Keomany, swearing and threatening the Rescuers. “You will pay,” said one angry man, who identified himself as Oulay Keomany.
Rescuers then noticed the abortion nurse’s two vehicles, both of which have been seen at Tiller’s mill, parked in the open garage of the house next door. It became obvious that the occupants of the two houses were relatives. Also in the driveway was the vehicle belonging to Tiller’s acting clinic administrator JoAn Armentrout.
“It looked like a convention of clinic workers in that neighborhood,” said one of the Rescuers. “We got to pray for the repentance of them all. It was great!”

The two men remained very agitated, using profanity and pushing two of the Christians in anger. One of the men kicked Troy Newman as Troy offered a handshake to him in friendship and reconciliation. Instead of pressing charges, the Christians thought it was a better testimony to “turn the other cheek” in this situation.
The police arrived and informed the men that the Rescuers were within their Constitutional rights, and that seemed to calm them down. The group of Christians then gathered to sing hymns, read Scripture, and pray for the abortion mill workers to stop participating in the shedding of innocent blood.
The next stop was the apartment belonging to Tiller office worker Debora Esquina. Rescuers were able to witness to a number of passersby on the busy street. During the Prayer Walk, Debora was seen driving into the apartment complex and entering one of the buildings. A few minutes later, her husband was observed leaving the area in the same vehicle.
“We are glad that the Esquina’s were able to see that we are praying for them,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We had a great morning of ministry opportunities and pray God will continue to bring conviction into the lives of these abortion workers until they repent and stop participating in the shedding of innocent blood.”