UPDATE: The official attendance tally for this event was in excess of 2,177!

Germantown, Maryland – Nearly 2,000 pro-life activists crowded the sidewalks this morning around Germantown Reproductive Health Services this morning to mark one year since late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart relocated his late-term abortion business there.
Protesters displayed 720 crosses to memorialize the estimated 720 babies who have been killed by abortion since Carhart’s arrival. Carhart relocated his late-term business to Maryland after his home state of Nebraska outlawed the grisly procedures.
“Since Carhart’s arrival in Maryland, the people in that state have risen up and said no to his late-term abortion business. Members of the faith community have mobilized, a pregnancy referral center has opened directly across the parking lot from the abortion clinics, and sidewalk counselors are dissuading women from abortions on a regular basis, saving countless lives. We are proud to serve a supporting role in this amazing work,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
“The abortion clinic thought the first protest would also be the last, and that the community would soon lose interest. However, they underestimated the resolve of the good people of Maryland. The numbers standing in support of life swell by the day.”
This protest comes on the heels of news from the Maryland Board of Physicians that they had issued an advisory letter to Carhart, admonishing him for less than truthful answers to questions on his application for medical licensure in that state. Carhart portrayed himself as an emergency room physician even though he has not had hospital privileges since the 1980s. There was no mention that the true nature of his business for the last three decades as been abortions – late-term abortions in particular.
The protest was sponsored by the Maryland Coalition for Life. Operation Rescue is a member of that coalition.

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