July 14-16, Wichita, Kansas, will be the focus of a prophetic call to end abortion and seek revival
On July 7, (07/07/07) 100,000 young people will gather in Nashville, Tennessee, for a Solemn Assembly to cry out for repentance and national revival.
The desire of this emerging generation is to see the Holy Spirit bring a dramatic spiritual shift across America, which will produce cultural reformation and radical change. (See theCall.com) Immediately after the event, hundreds of young people will join a caravan that will travel across country to San Francisco.
On July 14-16, they will be in Wichita, Kansas, to pray for an end to abortion and plead with God for revival and spiritual awakening. They are inviting all Christians from the Wichita area, especially emerging leaders, to come join with them!
National pro-life leaders have answered the call and are scheduled to participate in the Wichita Awakening.
Who you can expect to see:

  • Wendy Wright — President of Concerned Women of America, the nation’s largest women’s group
  • Rev. Rob Schenck — President of the National Clergy Council in Washington, DC
  • Eric Wittington — Director of the national youth group Rock for Life
  • Rev. Pat Mahoney — Director of the Christian Defense Coalition in Washington, DC and member of the original Operation Rescue leadership team during the historic 1991 Summer of Mercy
  • Brandi Swindell — Director of Generation Life and pro-life spokesperson for the younger generation
  • The Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, a group of young activists from Los Angeles, California
  • An estimated 250 young people from The Cause, internationally known prayer warriors who conduct silent prayer events while wearing Life Tape
  • Various Wichita area pro-life groups and churches
  • For more information and for a complete schedule, CLICK HERE or visit wichitaawakening.com.
    Click here for a reproducible event flyer.