Dear Friend of Operation Rescue and the Pre-Born Babies,
Twelve years ago, I put the very first pro-life billboard truck on the road. I called it the Truth Truck! We soon brought it to the Democrat National Convention in Los Angeles in 2000. It was clear from the very first day that Operation Rescue Truth Truck was a POWERFUL tool to end abortion.

I saw first-hand two reactions from the large graphic pictures of aborted children displayed on the 12-foot tall by 20-foot long Truth Truck.
First: Anger!
Anger that we dared to show the truth of abortion. Anger from past abortions. Anger from participating in an abortion. And just the guttural anger inside all of us for the injustice being seen on the sides of the Truth Truck.
Second: Sorrow!
Sorrow for the baby that was brutally murdered. Sorrow for the mother who killed their child. Sorrow for a nation that would allow babies to be killed. And a sorrow that led people to a deeper understanding of the horror of abortion.
Of course many people choose to drive on and ignore the painful truth of abortion. But the Truth Truck could hardly be ignored.
So I purchased more Truth Trucks. Many of them I built with my own two hands. It was a labor of love. I often worked late into the night measuring, cutting, drilling and riveting the brackets into place. Then designing the artwork for the large vinyl signs—that was so time-consuming that it took months to get the right picture and correct words to project the precise message for each Truth Truck. I personally mounted each new sign to the sides of every Truth Truck I made.

In 2002 bought the company who owned the patent on the Mobile Billboard technology. I can now supply spare parts and create new Truth Trucks to anyone who can use them.
Over all, we have produced 15 Truth Trucks and have the technology and parts to make another 30. Operation Rescue Truth Trucks – along with our patented one-of-a-kind artwork – are scattered all across the United States. We are so proud of what God has accomplished through our work.
Operation Rescue Truth Trucks are in Washington, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, Kansas, and many are driving coast to coast educating America every day. I’m so thankful that Operation Rescue has played a key part in bring the Truth Truck technology to the Pro-Life Movement.
Through your faithfulness to this ministry, millions of people have encountered the Truth Trucks and the truth of abortion. And what is more important, your gifts to Operation Rescue have translated into babies being saved from certain death at the hands of the Abortion Cartel.
Here are a few links to show you where the Truth Trucks are right now. I’m very grateful for the faithfulness of the tough-as-nails pro-lifers who drive and operate each and every Operation Rescue Truth Truck.

  • AWESOME must see video
  • Another Recent Video—Caution GRAPHIC language
  • Truth Truck Web page since 2003
  • One of many media reports on the Truth Truck/
  • A FaceBook page set up by ministry partners

  • If you want to put more “truth on the road” please consider a heartfelt gift to the Truth Truck project at Operation Rescue today. Your gift – large or small — will never go unnoticed. In fact, one of the Operation Rescue Truth Trucks is called the “Widows Mite” Truth Truck because we literally built it with the very small gifts in the range of $1 to $15 each.
    Another Truth Truck is nick-named the “Big Boy”. We were able to secure this Truth Truck, (the same one in the first video mentioned above), with a one-time gift of $25,000.
    As you know, America is at a critical crossroads. Where we go from here may be up to you.
    Will America see the Truth Truck and feel the anger of what abortion does to a baby, then act on the ensuing sorrow? Or will America pass by in willful ignorance and fall headlong over the cliff of God’s judgment?
    As for me and our ministry, we will keep showing the Truth Trucks and the truth of abortion, all the while praying for an end to the modern-day holocaust.

    I’m also praying that you will hear the call in your life to be more involved in this movement to end abortion. Perhaps you can drive a Truth Truck, or pray for the people who see the truth. Maybe you can be a “widow’s mite” donor, or a “Big Boy” heroic giver. Or perhaps you are someone like me, who can give a little money and time.
    We need it all. The babies need it all.
    Please do what you can, do what God is telling you to do, and may the Lord of Hosts be with you now and forever.
    A voice for the Voiceless,

    Troy Newman
    President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation