Pro-abortion fanatics exposed as liars; Operation Rescue demands an apology

Washington, DC — NARAL has agreed late yesterday to pull their deceptive anti-Roberts television ad that falsely accused Supreme Court nominee John Roberts of supporting so-called “violent” Operation Rescue protests and abortion clinic bombings.
Pro-abortion Senator Arlen Specter had asked NARAL to remove the ad early Thursday calling it “blatantly untrue and unfair.”
A television station in Bangor, Maine, refused to run the ad. “After careful thoughtful analysis, we determined the ad was at worst false, and at best misleading,” said Mike Young, vice president and general manager of WABI in Bangor.
“This ad grossly distorts the record of John Roberts from start to finish,” said Republican Senator Orin Hatch. “It has only one goal: to associate John Roberts with violent extremists.”
The NARAL ad had wrongly led viewers to believe that Roberts had defended the bombing of abortion clinics when he represented Operation Rescue and others in Bray v. Alexandria Women’s Health Clinic, when in fact that case had nothing to do with clinic violence or bombings.
“The truth is that Operation Rescue protests have never been violent,” said OR president Troy Newman. “After over 70,000 arrests for peaceful civil disobedience there has never been a conviction of a violent act by a pro-life supporter at any Operation Rescue event in the history of the organization.”
“NARAL owes a huge apology to the thousands of moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, boys and girls who courageously and peacefully laid their bodies down to preserve the lives of innocent babies,” Newman said. “These brave men and women of conscience saved thousands of children from a violent death by abortion. They and do not deserve to be lied about and defamed.”
“This just shows how low the abortion lobby will go to preserve their ability to profit from the shedding of innocent blood,” he said.
Operation Rescue is considering legal action.
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