Wichita, Kansas – Sometime yesterday, our latest video exposing a recent rash of medical emergencies at Obama-fund Planned Parenthood abortion clinics disappeared from YouTube. We are not sure why. We did not get the usual notice that it had been removed by YouTube. The video just disappeared. There is a possibility that our accounts were hacked or compromised in some way. It would not be the first time hackers have attacked us.
It is apparent that this powerful video was scrubbed to keep undecided voters who could decide the election from seeing it.
In any case, the video has been re-published and is now again available for viewing on our website and on YouTube.
The video, which was originally publicized on October 19, 2012, had received nearing 10,000 views before it mysteriously vanished. If you are one of the many who linked to this video or embedded it, there is now a new url and an new embed code, which can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtpy6WU5xNM&feature=youtu.be.
This video is damaging to Obama and reveals how his radical abortion policies promote abortion at the expense of the lives and health of women. Please help us inform the public in this very tight election cycle by forwarding this video and posting it to your social networking sites – before it disappears again.
We must not allow the truth to be silenced! Abortion kills babies and hurts women. It’s as simple as that. Our video shows irrefutable evidence of that, which is why we worked so hard to bring this video to the public – and that may also be why some do not want others to see it.