Topeka, KS – Operation Rescue filed two complaints last week asking for the revocation of Attorney General Paul Morrison’s law license in the wake of his admitted illicit affair with a subordinate and allegations of attempting to interfere with pending criminal abortion investigations and other cases.
Troy Newman, OR’s president, filed a complaint with both the Office of the Disciplinary Administrator and the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission asking for discipline for obvious violations of Kansas law. The first group is responsible for policing attorneys and the second has jurisdiction over enforcement of the code sections listed in Newman’s complaints.
“Morrison, in attempting to use his influence over his mistress to persuade her to help him tamper with these criminal cases, has violated the very core of ethical conduct that we expect from our attorneys,” said Newman. “Morrison still serves as the Attorney General until the end of the month. During this time, he could potentially impact the very cases he is accused of trying to illegally influence. His ability to practice law should be forfeited, and he should be immediately removed from office before any further damage can be done to the integrity of the cases he may have attempted to influence.”
Read the Office of the Disciplinary Administrator Complaint
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