Wichita, KS — Paul Morrison has been in the attorney general’s office for a week and still there is no word on whether or not he will pursue the 30 criminal charges against Late-term abortionist George R.Tiller.
During the same time frame, District Attorney Nola Foulston was able to conclude what has been described as a “meaningless” investigation into whether the records filed in the case by former Attorney General Phill Kline indicated a violation of child sex abuse reporting laws.
“Why the delay from Morrison’s office?” asked Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
“This matter is a simple one,” said Newman. “Is it possible for an abortionist to violate the late-term abortion laws in the state of Kansas? If so, do the files attached to the Tiller complaint contain evidence that Tiller may have violated those laws? If the files do indicate violations, when can we expect the case to move forward?”
“As the public awaits answers to these simple questions, it is important to remember that if indeed Tiller is breaking the laws banning post-viability abortions, then every week that goes by babies are at risk of unlawfully loosing their lives at Tiller’s Wichita abortion mill,” said Newman. “Even with Tiller’s prosecution, these lives cannot be brought back.”
“We believe that every life lost through abortion is a violation of God’s law and a deep human tragedy. But here, we have a case where man’s law — that of the State of Kansas — specifically prohibits the taking of the lives of viable pre-born babies 22 weeks and older. If this law is being violated — which we believe it is — the delay in prosecuting Tiller is at the cost of additional innocent lives,” Newman said. “The responsibility for that gross injustice rests solely on the shoulders of Morrison and Foulston. These people have sworn to uphold the law and protect the innocent. It’s time they started doing their jobs.”