St. Louis, MO — The recent story about the arrest of a rapist who forced his underage victim to abort at a Granite City, IL abortion mill has struck a chord with pro-life advocate Melanie Mills, a registered nurse who has had personal tragic experiences at that same clinic.
Melanie’s frustration at the cover-ups of abortion clinic wrong-doing and lack of interest by Illinois state authorities in enforcing the laws when it comes to abortion businesses is understandable, especially in light of recent stories of abortion mills that have been closed by other states such as Alabama, Ohio, and Florida, for doing less than what apparently occurs at the Hope Clinic for Women in Granite City, Illinois, on a regular basis.
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-Operation Rescue Staff
Hope Clinic statutory rape case-
When will the lies end?

by Melanie Mills, RN
This week on two St. Louis local news channels, KMOV and KSDK, the story of an underage teen that was brought to Hope Clinic for Women in Granite City, Illinois, by her step father that had been raping her for a 2-year period, came to light. The teen was brought to the Hope Clinic where he forced the minor to have an abortion to eliminate evidence of the crime. The teen was brought to the clinic on March 23, 2006, by her step-father and rapist Jeffery Cheshier, age 41. A link to the story from local station KSDK is at-
To say the least, this brings up the question of why didn’t Hope Clinic staff call the police to turn in this obvious case of statutory rape? By law ALL ADULTS, (no matter their occupation, age or circumstance), that suspect a crime has taken place against a minor are responsible and are required by law to report it to the police. Failing to do so can actually bring charges against an adult that fails to comply with these state laws.
So now I ask this, will the State Attorney’s office in Illinois or Attorney General Lisa Madigan investigate this case? Will she or other authorities step up to the plate and go to Hope Clinic and ask the questions and launch an investigation? The answer I’m afraid to say is, No.

Hope Clinic has a list of dirty laundry, impropriety and wrong doings a mile wide and long. I don’t just say this to “whistle Dixie.” It’s the truth, and the facts are in the Madison County Court House just sitting there for the public and the authorities to investigate and start asking questions anytime now. I have been doing so for the last seven years.
As listed on my website,, from Court House documents, one abortionist has lawsuits against him that date back to 1985 that include bad debts, malpractice, negligence and wrongful death. Yet somehow this place stays open.
In 2003, a woman we will call “Linda” had an abortion and was kept in the back of the clinic bleeding to death for 3 hours. She was stuffed full of gauze and IV fluids were pumped into her until protesters in front of the clinic left. They left, but the truth still came out. This woman “coded” and was saved by Granite City ObGyn Dr. Mark Wasserman. The abortionists severed major arteries and veins in her uterus, and an emergency hysterectomy was performed to save the woman’s life. She stayed in the hospital for 3 days and received blood transfusions to replace nearly all her blood she lost. “Linda” will never be able to have a child now thanks to Hope Clinic and the spineless abortionists that did this to her.
Then there is the case of a woman we will call “Rita”. Rita was a patient in the private OB practice of abortionist Yogendra Shah. This woman, (who I spoke with) was diagnosed with cancer after Shah failed to take samples and make appropriate tests following a surgery he performed on her. When I spoke with Rita she was suffering from the effects of chemo & radiation. There was a monetary settlement in this case, which is undisclosed.
Then there is my story.
I had an abortion at Hope Clinic March 26th, 1998, and later discovered through review of my medical records that there were no baby body parts found during the pathology testing after the abortion. I became suspicious after I was sent a letter 2 weeks after my abortion asking me to come back because a “missed abortion” or “ectopic pregnancy” might have happened. Well, since I was a nursing student, I knew they had some kind of evidence of this, or the letter would not have been sent to me. I was right. After looking at the pathology report and consulting with my ObGyn, I learned I had a “blighted ovum” and an abortion should not have been performed. Neither the clinic nor Mr. Shah ever reviewed my ultrasound prior to the abortion, and therefore I never knew that I could have gone home and miscarried naturally or had a D&C. I was never carrying a viable pregnancy, but instead of telling me the TRUTH, they covered the real story up.
Why does this clinic continually lie to patients? They are violating patient rights, HIPPA, and the trust that a patient puts in their health care provider. All of this led me to start my site I believe the public and women deserve to know the truth. I was not given that honesty, but maybe and hopefully I can help spare women from becoming future victims of this dishonest place called Hope Clinic.
It is so upsetting to see women lied to time after time and to know that no one in authority in Illinois is doing anything to stop it. My prayer is that this case will get somebody to take notice at what’s going on at Hope Clinic and put and end to the atrocities taking place there. We all know the babies are dying, but the women are the ones left to go home and do the crying and suffering when the abortion is over. This needs to stop. This needs to be the last case that Hope clinic gets to “cover up”. My prayer is that now the cover-ups will end.