April is Sexual Abuse Awareness Month (SAAM) — a hard topic and one that abortion supporters all but ignore when it comes to the abortion industry.

We know child molesters, pimps, and human traffickers all benefit from the deafening silence of abortion staff refusing to report obvious abusive situations playing out in their lobbies. However, these are not the only abusers hanging around abortion clinics. Countless women have experienced horrific sexual abuse at the hands of abortion doctors.

In today’s Monday Lineup, we expose sexual predators from the Gulf Coast and Midwest — all of them found inside the abortion clinic, with a state license that gives them access to the very women they have shamelessly abused.

Meet Ashutosh Virmani, arrested for rape and still currently licensed as a doctor…

In 2014, Ashutosh Virmani was arrested in North Carolina and charged with one count of second degree rape and two counts of second degree sexual offense. The case was dropped in 2015, however, due to “insufficent evidence.”

Several years prior to this, in 1992, Vermani admitted to allegations of improper sexual contact with a patient. He was essentially put on probation and allowed to keep practicing.

However, more recently, in 2021, the NC Medical Board suspended his license again for several infractions, including disrobing patients for no medical reason and making inappropriate comments, especially regarding women of color. For example, in the 2021 NC Notice of Charges a co-worker quotes Virmani saying, “It is not my fault that black women have juicy loose vaginas. They are built to have ten kids.”

According to the 2021 charges, staff members also testified they’d seen Dr. Virmani “lifting the gowns of patients of whom he considered attractive…so as to expose the patients’ breasts.” Instead of immediately reporting this behavior, the staff apparently “created a tenting mechanism” instead, to make it more difficult for Virmani to see the patients.

Despite an obvious proclivity towards sexual abuse, spanning decades, the NC Medical Board only suspended his license for one year after the charges, restoring him to full active status in 2022. He is currently licensed in North Carolina and Florida.

Meet Robert Lieberman, a man who took over two decades to get arrested for sexual battery…

Robert Lieberman was first accused of sexual abuse in 1981, when he fondled a patient’s breast and forced her to kiss him.

In 1982, Lieberman raped a patientduring an abortion follow-up. While the patient was naked from the waist down, Lieberman began making inappropriate comments and reached under the sheet covering her body. When the patient resisted, he pulled her down to the end of the table, unzipped his pants and forced himself on her. Just weeks later, he attempted to rape her again, but she was able to stop him and get away. He never did any jail time for this assault.

Between 1980 and 1985, he was actually involved in nearly a dozen lawsuits for sexual attacks on patients, but no jail time was served.

Finally, in 2006, Lieberman was arrested for sexual battery after fondling a patient, forcibly kissing her and putting her breast in his mouth. Only after the arrest was he finally forced to surrender his license.

Meet Ronald Tauber, the pedophile who blamed his psychologist when he raped a 6-year-old-girl…

In the 1970s, Ronald Tauberopened the first abortion clinic in Orlando, Florida — the only one offering second trimester abortions. However, after he killed a womanby perforating her uterus, he relocated to Michigan in 1978.

Soon after, he was arrested for raping a 6-year-old girl. While out on bail for that horrific crime, he also tried to kidnap a 12-year-old girl on her bicycle. She got away and he was charged for attempted kidnapping, indecent exposure, and criminal sexual conduct. However, all of those second charges were dropped due to a technicality in his original case.

Tauber was given 50 years in prison for raping the 6-year-old, but he only served 8 before getting paroled in 1990. While in prison, he sued his psychologist for not giving him the proper treatment to “stop him from carrying out his sexual fantasies.”

After his release from parole, Tauber was given a probationary license in New York if he met certain requirements, one of which was practicing only with a “monitoring physician” present. In 1992, however, the NY Board revoked that license after it was discovered Tauber had already seen around 117 patients with no monitoring physician. Forty-six of those patients were under 18 years of age.

Meet Douglas Karpen, accused of molesting women under sedation and still licensed in three states…

Douglas Karpen made national news in 2013 after four employees blew the whistle on his ghoulish practice of delivering live babies in third-trimester abortions and “twisting their heads off their necks with his own bare hands.”

Those same whistleblowers also discussed the sexual harassment and molestation that took place in his Texas clinic.

The former employees reported that Karpen would touch women inappropriately while under sedation. He was also reported to mistreat larger women in particular.

in 1993, he was also involved in a lawsuit after forcing a 16-year-old girl to complete a late-term abortion after she changed her mind in the first stage of the process. She was forced to seek emergency help, and her baby girl was born hours later. Despite life-saving measures, her baby died about six months later.

Meet Willie Parker, accused of date rape and still licensed in three states…

In 2019, abortion advocate Candice Russell put forward an account of being date raped by Willie Parkeron the blog Medium.

She described initially meeting up with Parker at different abortion events for what she thought were non-romantic outings with someone she viewed as a hero.

However, on the night Russell later described in 2019, she claims that Parker invited her out with him alone and, over the course of the night, ordered numerous alcoholic beverages for her, while leading Russell to believe he was also drinking.

She wrote, “After two years of refusals to let me pick up a tab, I knew I had to do it on the sly. That’s how I discovered that what I had always assumed were vodka tonics had been soda water and lime.” 

Russell woke up in Parker’s bed the next morning with several gaps in her memory and still a little drunk. She wrote, “We had an awkward encounter that morning when he slipped me his key for later, on his way out to give a keynote. A keycard I left behind knowing that there was no way in hell I’d come back to that room…”

Though Parker fell from grace with a few national abortion groups shortly after Russell came forward, he remains licensed in three states.