Washington, DC – A new Gallup Poll shows that 55% of the American people think Congress should scrap the current health care bills and go back to the drawing board.
In spite of the overwhelming opposition to the current health care proposals — especially provisions that provide for tax funding of abortions — Pres. Obama has indicated that he wants to press on to pass the bill even though doing so could insure political backlash at the polls during the crucial mid-term elections later this year.
Obama supports a tactic called “reconcilliation” that would use procedural tricks to force the bill through Congress. That tactic would require only a simple majority vote to pass the health care bill.
“We need to keep the calls going to our Senators and Repersentatives and let them know that we oppose the mis-named ‘reconciliation’ tactic now under consideration,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, who was in Washington DC last week to draw attention to Obama’s continuing efforts to force tax- funded abortions upon the American people.
This comes in the wake of last week’s stunning election of Republican Scott Brown to Ted Kennedy’s old Senate seat. Brown’s election to what had been considered a safe Democratic seat upended plans to force through an unpopular health care plan that included tax funding for abortions by denying pro-abortion leaders the 60th vote required for passage.
The Gallup Poll also showed that 72% of respondents felt that Brown’s win in Massachusetts “reflects frustrations shared by many Americans, and the president and members of Congress should pay attention to it.”
“The will of the American people is clear on the matter of tax-funded abortions. It’s time for Obama and the liberal factions in Congress to heed the voice of the people and scuttle the current health care plan that would fund abortions. Abortion is not health care, and we will oppose even one penny of public money going to fund them,” said Newman.
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