Southfield, Michigan — The notorious Michigan abortionist Alberto Hodari and his associate, abortionist Enrique Gerbi, have retired and allowed their medical licenses to lapse. This story was first reported by blogger Jill Stanek based on information provided by long-time pro-life activist Lynn Mills.
Abortionist Jacob Kalo is taking over Hodari’s abortion clinics in Sterling Heights and Southfield while abortionist Theodore Roumell is assuming control of Hodari’s Lansing and Flint abortion operations.
Both Kalo and Romell are shoddy abortionists with a history of legal troubles.
Kalo was sued for giving a patient an abortion after failing to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy. Kalo delayed emergency care for the patient and failed to inform her that she suffered from an ectopic pregnancy. The patient suffered a ruptured fallopian tube as a result. In addition, Kalo was convicted in tax evasion in the early 1990’s and was sentenced to one year of probation. (View Kalo’s profile page at
Roumell was sued in 2010 over a bloody botched abortion. He left the baby’s head inside one patient, who then went into hemorrhagic shock. Her uterus was so lacerated that it left patient unable to have children. (View Roumell’s profile page at
Kalo and Roumell seem likely to continue Hodari’s sloppy below standard abortion practices.
Four women are known to have died at Hodari-run abortion mills. Fifteen year old Tamiia Russell died less than 24 hours after a late-term abortion at Hodari’s Lathrup Villiage in 2004, the same clinic that is subject to closure. In 2007, a 17-year old Hodari patient died from abortion complications. Chivon Williams died less than six hours after having been released from one of Hodari’s abortion clinics following a suction abortion. In 2009, Hodari was fined a mere $10,000 for his part in the death of Regina Johnson in 2003.
In 2009, Hodari placed his abortion clinics up for sale while dealing with a divorce and lawsuit that alleged he forced an abortion on a woman that had withdrawn her consent. The lawsuit was later settled for an undisclosed amount of money that is believed to have been a hefty sum. Hodari is also known stating publicly that he believes abortionists have a license to lie, and that he refuses to wash his hands between abortions, a practice that could spread disease and infection, because multiple washings chafe the skin on his hands. Four women are known to have died at Hodari-run abortion mills.
Gerbi, the other retired abortionist, worked for Hodari, moving from one clinic to the other, doing abortions at Hodari’s abortion clinics, some of which lacked emergency exits that would accommodate gurneys in the event of an emergency.
Stanek reported that Gerbi has been sued for malpractice at least 11 times.
Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor, has worked to expose Hodari’s abortion abuses and “above-the-law” attitude. She noted, “While we celebrate the retirement of two very dangerous abortionists, we are well aware that the two that are taking their places are certainly no better. These four abortion clinics remain a threat to women and we won’t rest until they join the growing list of closed abortion clinics around the nation.”