Washington, DC – Pro-lifers led by Rev. Patrick Mahoney are standing against tax-funded abortions this week in a number of events around the Washington, DC area. The event is called “Abortion Is Not Healthcare.” Monday, they were in Bowling Green Virginia, to speak out on behalf of life at a ribbon cutting ceremony that was attended by Michelle Obama.
In order to avoid the pro-life witness, Mrs. Obama had the ceremony moved in-doors. But that didn’t stop the group from standing as a testimony to the community of the sanctity of life!
Today, Rev. Mahoney will be leading a pray-in at Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s office to emphasize opposition to tax-funded abortions. We encourage you to stand in solidarity with them today and pray that Obama’s Health Care Reform that would threaten innocent lives would fail.
While you are at it, contact your Representative today, and let them know that not one dime of your tax dollars should go to fund abortions. (Click here for your Rep.’s contact information.)
(NOTE: Troy Newman had planned to be in Washington, DC this week to help lead the “Abortion Is Not Healthcare” events, but was sidelined with an ear infection that prevented him from flying. Please pray for his speedy recovery.)