Mercy Ministries: Outreach at the Abortion Mill

Ministry outside our nation’s abortion mills, where the actual killing takes place, is a crucial activity of highest priority to Operation Rescue West. This often overlooked mercy outreach is a ripe mission field where Christians an reach out to the lost and the hurting with the love of Christ, not only saving innocent lives from abortion, but also bringing true solutions to troubled lives.

Sidewalk counselors follow the example of the Good Samaritan in offering practical assistance to women in need who have resorted to abortion in a desperate effort to relieve the crisis they are experiencing because of an unplanned pregnancy. Because of ORW sidewalk counselors, thousands of children are alive today who had been scheduled for death and many men and women have come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, because of the sidewalk counselors’ faithful witness.

Operation Rescue West has developed a Sidewalk Counseling Training Program, including educational materials, and has trained hundreds of Christians how to effectively reach out to women and save lives at the doors of the abortion mills. In addition, ORW as developed literature for use by sidewalk counselors that has proven extremely effective in touching the hearts of abortion-bound moms and saving the lives of their precious pre-born children. To schedule a Sidewalk Counseling Training Seminar please click here.

In addition to sidewalk counseling, prayer support is of utmost importance outside of abortion clinics. Prayer warriors provide spiritual covering for the sidewalk counselors and beseech the favor of Heaven for the efforts of His people in stopping the tragic sin of abortion.

Another facet of sidewalk ministry at the abortion clinics is the use of signs, sometimes known as picketing. Often, signage will speak to women, either reinforcing the message of sidewalk counselors or in the place of them when counselors are unable for some reason to reach the abortion bound moms. Signs also speak to the passersby, proclaiming the message of the Sanctity of Human Life as well as the heinous nature of abortion.

Together, the three aspects of ORW’s Mercy Ministry, sidewalk counseling, prayer, and picketing, have proven most effective in saving the babies scheduled to die today at our nation’s abortion mills.