By Cheryl Sullenger
Sterling Heights, MI – Meet Michigan abortionist Theodore Roumell. This photo, published on Facebook by pro-life activist Lynn Mills, shows Roumell reporting for work at his Lansing abortion business, which thankfully halted abortions and closed, at least for now, on July 30, 2016.
Roumell will turn 81-years old this month. He can no longer drive himself and relies on family workers to transport him to his abortion business, Womancare, Inc., in Sterling Heights, Michigan. He cannot walk without assistance from a walker.
Shockingly, Roumell continues to conduct both surgical and medication abortions.
“Is he can’t drive a car or walk across the room on his own, he shouldn’t be doing surgeries. That’s just common sense,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
“He appears to be knocking at death’s door,” said Lynn Mills, who described Roumell as “ill” with some unknown ailment, most likely related to his advanced age.
Would you want this man conducting YOUR surgery? Women, beware!
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