San Diego, CA – Abortionist Feliciano Rios is in lots of trouble with the law, yet shockingly still continues to operate his Chula Vista, California, abortion clinic.
According to an accusation filed by the California Board of Medicine earlier this year, Rios was indicted by a San Diego County Grand Jury on five felony counts of grand theft, Medi-Cal fraud, and Perjury Under Oath for lying to the grand jury that eventually indicted him.
On July 2, 2009, Rios pled guilty to perjury and insurance fraud, both felonies. He was given a graciously lenient sentence of three years of formal probation with the following conditions:

1. 365 days of confinement stayed pending successful completion of probation
2. Payment of fines totaling $1,360
3. Cannot possess a firearm, ammunition, or deadly weapon
4. Obey all laws

But obeying all laws is apparently something that does not come easily for Rios.
In December, 2009, an investigation was commenced because records showed that Rios had three firearms registered to him without a change of ownership on file. Police conducted a search of Rios’ residence during which he admitted to the police that he still had the guns in his possession at his Chula Vista abortion clinic. Rios further admitted that he understood that he was not allowed to possess the firearms.
Special agents found three handguns, two of which were semi-automatic, locked in a filing cabinet fully loaded with ammunition. Possession of the firearms constituted a violation of his criminal probation.
On January 19, 2010, the California Attorney General’s office filed a felony complaint against Rios charging him with three counts of illegal possession of firearms by a felon and two counts of illegal possession of ammunition by a felon. Conviction will likely result in his eventual incarceration, a clear requirement of his original sentencing.
This action prompted the California Medical Board to take steps to revoke Rios’s medical license for crimes, unprofessional conduct, and dishonesty or corruption. A petition was filed against him by the Board on May 10, 2010. No hearing date has been set.
Meanwhile, calls to Rios’ Chula Vista abortion clinic show that he is still in business committing abortions on patients who are unsuspecting of his criminal background or of the Medical Board’s attempt to revoke his medical license.
“Not only did Rios break the law when he committed billing fraud, but then he broke the law again by lying to the grand jury. Then Rios broke the law a third time by knowingly possessing weapons he knew he was not allowed to keep. This is yet another example of an abortionist acting as if the law does not apply to him, making his a danger to the public,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It is outrageous that he is still seeing patients and doing abortions under these circumstances.”
“Eventually we expect that Rios will lose his medical license and serve jail time. It is just unfortunate that the system moves so slowly that women and their pre-born babies are placed at risk while the wheels of justice slowly grind. They deserve better protection than that.”
Operation Rescue has worked to expose Rios’ abortion business since the early 1990s and sent letters asking him and other abortionists to quit killing babies in the womb. Rios’ office continues to be the site of pro-life prayers and outreaches.
“We call on the California Medical Board and prosecutors to act swiftly to revoke his license and put Rios behind bars where he belongs,” said Newman.
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