Austin, TX – The Texas Medical Board has notified Operation Rescue that investigations of twelve Texas abortionists are now underway based on complaints filed by Troy Newman last month. The complaints were filed after a 3-month undercover investigation of abortion clinics across Texas revealed numerous violations, including illegal dumping of private patient medical records and biohazardous waste, a disregard for informed consent and 24-hour waiting period laws, mishandling of drugs and prescription forms, and a willingness to help minors evade parental notification laws.
“This represents a mammoth investigation of the abortion industry in Texas,” said Newman, who serves as President of Operation Rescue. “Based on our investigation, we have no doubt that these abortionists are playing fast and loose with the health, safety, and privacy of women and that makes them a danger to the public. We pray that the Medical Board looks carefully into these serious allegations and takes appropriate disciplinary action.”
The Texas Medical Board indicated in letters to Newman dated March 31, 2011, that the cases have been placed with a senior investigator and that Operation Rescue will be sent a status letter on each case every 90 days.
Abortionists currently under investigation are Jasbir Ahlwualia, Arthur John Brock, Robert Hanson, Margaret Kini, Pedro Kowalyszyn, Sherwood C. Lynn, Jr., Lester Minto, Alan Molson, Robert L. Prince, Lamar Robinson, Franz Theard, and William West.
Complaints were also filed against abortionists Douglas A. Karpen and Brook Randal, but there has so far been no word on whether the Board will add them to the massive investigation.
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