Baltimore, MD – Members of several pro-life groups led by Students for Life in America attempted to present the Maryland Board of Physicians (MDBP) with 5,000 letters signed by concerned citizens in support of a complaint against late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart for the death of Jennifer Morbelli as the result of a 33-week abortion.
Two officials for the MDBP, including Executive Director Carole Catalfo, refused to accept the letters in support of the existing case and abruptly sent the group of concerned citizens away with boxes of letters still in hand. The group was told, “Public opinion doesn’t matter.”
“It was rude for Ms. Catalfo to dismiss the concerns of five thousand people regarding Carhart’s abortion practices that cost the life of an otherwise health 29-year old woman and her viable daughter, Madison,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “As a public servant whose duty it is to protect the public from shoddy and dangerous medical practices, one would think Ms. Catalfo would be more sensitive to the concerns of people she is supposed to protect. If she isn’t interested in public accountability, maybe she is in the wrong line of work.”
In addition to Students for Life in America and Operation Rescue, other coalition groups supporting the signature drive include, Live Action,, The Survivors, and Rock for Life.
The complaint against Carhart alleges that he abandoned Morbelli and could not be reached by the family or hospital emergency staff just hours after her 33-week abortion, which caused a fatal delay in obtaining critical emergency care. It also raises concerns about the safety of the late-term abortion process in an outpatient facility where women are drugged into labor then sent off to a hotel room where they are not monitored and have no access to immediate care in the event of an emergency.
“Ms. Catalfo certainly needs to hear from pro-life supporters for the stubbing our strongly held concerns about the safety of women across the nation who travel to Maryland for late-term abortions,” said Newman.
The coalition plans to extend the deadline for signing letters to April 4 with the goal of amassing as many signatures as possible to send the Board a message that we take the investigation of Carhart and the abortion-related death of Mrs. Morbelli very seriously.
Here are two things you can do RIGHT NOW:

1) Help us increase the number of signatures on our citizen compliant by 50 percent before April 4th by encouraging your friends and family members to sign on at
2) Contact Maryland Board of Physicians Executive Director Carole Catalfo at 410-764-4780 or e-mail her at today to show her that 5,000 people really do care and know the facts of the case – please use the official OR complaint for reference.

Then we will go back with double the boxes and personally deliver the complaints, dropping off box after box in the reception area of the office if we have to. We will not take NO! for an answer!
We encourage those who have already signed to widely share the link with their associates, friends, and families.