(Above: Troy Newman, left, and Mark Crutcher pictured at Life Dynamics, Inc.’s headquarters in Denton, Texas.)

For Immediate Release

Denton, TX – It is with profound sadness that we announce that Mark Crutcher, founder and President of Life Dynamics, Inc., passed away on March 9, 2023, after suffering a heart attack.  He was 74.

“Mark was a great friend and bold fighter for the cause of ending abortion.  He was one of the brightest and most innovative tacticians I have ever known.  His gritty determination to expose the depravity of the Abortion Cartel and end abortion inspired me and helped shape my own pro-life work.  His absence will be deeply felt,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, who co-hosted LDI’s pro-life video magazine, LifeTalk, with Mark for many years.

Mark was a determined and uncompromising defender of the pre-born.  His motto was, “We are not here just to put up a good fight, we are here to win – because winning is how this killing is going to stop.”

In 1992, he founded Life Dynamics, Inc. from which he launched his ground-breaking investigations into abortion atrocities, trained thousands of pro-life activists, wrote numerous books, and recorded his pro-life news broadcasts. 

Mark boldly penned the shocking 1996 book, Lime 5, that related 600 pages of carefully documented abuses perpetrated by the Abortion Cartel.  This book served as a wake-up call that inspired many pro-life activists and was one of the first to truly portray the horrors of abortion.

In 2000, Mark was the first to document and expose the fact that Planned Parenthood sold the body parts of aborted babies for profit – an investigation that inspired Troy Newman to become involved in a 2015 investigation using undercover videos taken of Planned Parenthood abortionists who admitted to the grisly and illegal practice.

Later, in a scandalous exposé based on covert recordings, Mark was the first to document how Planned Parenthood covered up for predators engaged in child sexual abuse. 

In perhaps one of his greatest achievements, Mark produced a cutting-edge video documentary in 2009 called “Maafa 21,” which detailed the history of how the abortion cartel has targeted black women for abortions in what he called a case of “Black Genocide.”

Mark leaves behind his loving wife of over 50 years, Tulane, and his daughter, Sheila.

“The impact of Mark’s life on history cannot be measured,” said Newman.  “It will reverberate through the years in the form of lives saved and hearts changed and will serve as the foundation for a reformed society that can one day end abortion forever.”