For Immediate Release
Contact: Troy Newman 316-841-1700; Cheryl Sullenger 316-516-3034
Washington, DC — With the confirmation of Samuel Alito today to the United States Supreme Court, Operation Rescue expresses hopeful optimism that the nation is one step closer to an end to abortion on demand.
“We believe that Roe v. Wade can be gutted with the simple finding that the fetus is a person,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “There are five states that are currently working bills through their legislatures that will challenge the issue of personhood head-on. We believe that with Justice Alito on the bench, these cases have an unprecedented opportunity to nail the lid on the coffin of Roe for good.”
“There is a real sense of optimism in the pro-life movement that soon the legal protections of personhood will be restored to the pre-born, and this will bring an end — once and for all — to the shedding of innocent blood that has devastated our women and our families for 33 tragic years,” said Newman.
“While we look hopefully toward that day, it sadly cannot come soon enough for those scheduled to die today,” said OR Outreach Coordinator Cheryl Sullenger, “and that is why we will continue to work tirelessly until all pre-born babies are protected, whether the new Supreme Court eventually acts or not.”