Operation Rescue Calls for Resignation of KSBHA Director Larry Buening

Topeka, KS — A report released by the Legislative Post Audit Committee reveals serious problems in the way the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts operates. This report reinforced concerns raised by Operation Rescue about the Board’s willingness and ability to adequately protect patients from shoddy and unscrupulous doctors.
“We call for the immediate resignation of Board Director Larry Buening,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The Board is in critical condition and only an infusion of new blood can cure its ills.”
“In fact, we call for the appointment of a new board by the Legislature. The appointments must be taken out of the hands of pro-abortion Gov. Kathleen ‘I-Only-Appoint-Pro-abortion-Campaign-Donors*’ Sebelius, or else the Board will end up in worse shape than it is now. The audit report is evidence of her failure to properly oversee the Board,” said Newman.
The KSBHA was ranked 30th in the nation in a report issued last May by the public interest group Public Citizen and was given a failing score of 44.1 out of 100 possible points.
“It is obvious that the Board, under Buening’s leadership, has not done its job of protecting patients,” said Newman. “We saw that in the reticence of the Board to discipline abortionist Krishna Rajanna for keeping filthy conditions at his now defunct abortion mill, and in their apparent cover-up for abortionist George Tiller in the death of Christin Gilbert, which was obvious even to the grand jury that investigated Christin’s death.”
Perhaps most worrisome of the numerous deficiencies reported by the committee is the KSBHA’s current policy of only investigating complaints when three have been filed against a physician over a three year period. If less than three complaints are filed in that time period, the complaints go uninvestigated, potentially leaving patients at risk.
The audit also revealed that the Board often takes years to come to a decision, allowing doctors who are providing substandard care to continue practicing without restriction.
Read the Performance Audit Report of the KSBHA
*Read documentation here (Oct. 13 article)