Late-Term Abortion Clinic Manager Quits Under Pressure
Klaege was subject of ORW’s “Year of the Rebuke”

Wichita, KS — Carrie Klaege has left her job as clinic manager at Women’s Health Care Services, the infamous late-term abortion mill run by George Tiller, the nation’s most notorious abortionist. Operation Rescue West conducted prayer walks and other educational outreaches in Klaege’s Bel Aire neighborhood as part of their “Year of the Rebuke” campaign.

One of those outreaches involved ORW’s Truth Truck that was routinely parked in Klaege’s upscale neighborhood exposing the gruesome truth about the abortions that her work made possible. In January, the City of Bel Aire engaged in a showdown with Operation Rescue West, attempting to ban the Truth Truck from Bel Aire city streets. ORW President Troy Newman was arrested near Klaege’s home for violating the city’s portable sign ordinance but later had the charges dropped after attorneys from the American Family Association Center for Law and Policy threatened to sue the city for civil rights violations.

Operation Rescue West encouraged Klaege’s friends and neighbors to ask her to leave her abortion job and routinely prayed for her repentance and departure from the abortion industry.

In an apparent answer to those prayers, Klaege suddenly left her job as Tiller’s “second in command” just weeks after an LA Times article quoted her as saying about ORW’s tactics, “If their point is to get us to quit, this is probably the worst way to go about it.”

“For whatever reasons Carrie decided to leave her job at Tiller’s abortion mill, we rejoice and thank God that she no longer participates in the brutal killing of innocent baby boys and girls. We wish her the best and pray God’s blessings on her for her decision to stop participating in the abortion trade.” -Troy Newman, President, Operation Rescue West

“As we continue to conduct and expand our ‘Year of the Rebuke’ activities, we pray that every one of Tiller’s employees will reconsider their participation in the human misery that abortion inflicts upon women and families. We pray that more workers will follow Carrie Klaege out the door and dedicate themselves to protecting human life until George Tiller has no option but to close his abortion mill.” -Cheryl Sullenger, ORW Event Coordinator