Last Night I Got a Call from Planned Parenthood


By Cheryl Sullenger

Last night, I got a call from Planned Parenthood.

For some reason, they think I am a past donor, probably from several donations that were made in my name by abortion supporters as a kind of joke last year. Now I’m on their fundraising list and routinely receive their fundraising letters. Last night’s phone call was a first.

The lady on the phone, who said she was calling from New York City, was urging me to make a commitment to monthly donations to Planned Parenthood. I decided not to tell her she was barking up the wrong tree, and listened patiently as she first read off a prepared script, then launched into a personal appeal.

She described to me what a dangerous time we were facing. With Donald Trump as the President-elect, and both houses of Congress solidly in the hands of “anti-choice” politicians, she insisted that we, as women, face losing our reproductive health care, our health insurance, and our birth control. She told me how the “anti-abortion” folks aim to defund and close Planned Parenthood and end abortion.

It was a high-pressure sales pitch for every dime they could potentially wring out of me. She simply did not want to take no for an answer.

“Can they really do all those things?” I asked, understanding full well that women are in no danger of losing their legitimate health care or their birth control drugs, if that is what they want.

“They are going to try,” was her response, while emphasizing once again what dangerous times we face.

Dangerous for whom, I wondered, remembering that Planned Parenthood is the largest source of abortion deaths in the U.S.

I made up some excuse why I couldn’t give at this time, and she finally had to accept it. But to listen to the grim tone of her voice, you would have thought my unwillingness to contribute to Planned Parenthood was the most disappointing news she had ever heard. She acted like I had personally let her down. I was sure that extra helping of guilt-manipulation was intentional.

As I hung up the phone, I recalled headlines of stories I had seen the past couple of days across the Internet discussing the “spike in donations” to Planned Parenthood. It occurred to me that this spike – like the Soros-funded staged protests of Trump’s election – was not organic.

It appears that this uptick in donations to Planned Parenthood is primarily the result of an aggressive, high-pressure, fear-based fundraising campaign that tries to scare the wits out of women so they will open their pocketbooks.

It is always interesting to hear how the other side is thinking. Planned Parenthood is afraid, and their fear is their weakness.

The public manipulation and misrepresentation of the facts is just another example in a long pattern of deceptive behavior on the part of Planned Parenthood.

It also exposed once again their penchant for placing their profit margin above all else. Truth – and even life – are acceptable casualties to Planned Parenthood as long as their bank accounts are bulging and lavish salaries keep increasing.

Contrast that with a pro-life movement that is characterized by tight budgets, volunteerism, and personal sacrifice to save babies, protect mothers, and influence the culture. I am proud to stand on the side of these fearless men and women in the fight to end abortion and restore respect for life to our society. We stand together on the side of truth.

That’s so different from the discouraged, but still greedy ghouls at Planned Parenthood.

Next time Planned Parenthood comes calling, I gleefully intend to disappoint them again.