OR holds Candlelight Prayer Vigil to remember unknown victim of abortion complications

Wichita, KS – Operation Rescue held a Candlelight Prayer Vigil at the site of an abortion related death to remember the victim and pray for justice. About 20 people prayed, sang hymns and read Bible passages outside Wesley Medical Center on Thursday evening, two weeks after a critically injured woman was transported there from George Tiller’s late term abortion mill Women’s Health Care Services, on January 13. The woman died from her injuries some days later.
Operation Rescue announced at the vigil that a complaint was filed against George Tiller regarding the abortion death with the Kansas Board of Healing Arts. OR has received written confirmation from the KSBHA that the matter has been assigned to investigators. (View letter from KSBHA)
In other developments, a call to the Wichita Police Homicide Division confirmed that that the victim is currently in the custody of the County Coroner, which is conducting its own investigation. According to a detective who spoke with OR investigators, a preliminary report from the Coroner?s office indicates that there was no indication of criminal acts that would involve a homicide investigation. A full autopsy report is expected in 6-8 weeks.
Meanwhile, Troy Newman and other OR staff members who were eyewitnesses to the arrival of the injured woman by ambulance at Wesley Medical Center have been extensively interviewed by the Wichita Eagle, and television stations KWCH, KAKE, however none have run the story.
“We must not allow the story of this woman’s death to be swept under the rug. We thank the KSBHA for the rapid response and pray their investigation will bring some measure of justice for the deceased,” said Newman. “However, we continue to call for a suspension of Tiller’s license, in the interest of public safety, pending the investigation outcome.”
“Shockingly, Tiller’s abortion mill, where he performs dangerous second and third trimester abortions has less regulation than the vet clinic where I take my cat,” said OR sidewalk counselor Cheryl Sullenger. “Even fast food restaurants must submit to Health Department inspections. However, Tiller’s abortion mill, is exempt from these inspections at the danger of public safety, thanks to Gov. Sebelius, who vetoed the clinic regulation act. We call on the legislature and the governor of Kansas to pass legislation that would require Health Department inspections and other clinic regulations, and for legislation that would restrict dangerous second and third trimester abortions to hospitals. Perhaps if these laws were in place, there would not be a young woman lying on a slab at the morgue today.”
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