Kline states the subpoenas will be reissued in his investigation of child sex abuse and illegal late-term abortion

Wichita, KS — The Kansas Supreme Court issued a ruling today indicating that Attorney General Phill Kline can resubmit his request for medical records from two abortion clinics under investigation for non-reporting of child sex abuse and illegal abortions.
The two abortion mills under investigation are Women’s Health Care Services (WHCS) in Wichita, KS owned and operated by late-term abortionist George R. Tiller, and Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri.
The Court also ruled that if documents are to be turned over, “the clinics’ attorneys must be permitted to redact patient-identifying information from the files before they are delivered to the judge under seal.”
“While we are happy that the Kansas Supreme Court has ruled that law enforcement may use the subpoena process to obtain medical records when investigating crimes, we are concerned that the clinics will misuse permission to redact information in order to cover for any crimes they may have committed,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “If these abortion mills are not covering for child predators, then they should be glad to release the records.”
Kline has stated that he was never interested in the identities of the abortion mill patients and that those women were not the subject of his investigations.
Kline stated at a Wichita press conference that he will re-issue the subpoenas and he expects that they will be honored.
Kline was in Wichita to testify in a separate but related case involving his opinion that child rape triggers the Kansas mandatory reporting law. Three abortionists and several social workers sued Sedgwick County District Attorney Nola Foulston to block enforcement of mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse as defined by Kansas Statute.
Kline stated that when a girl under 16 presents herself to an abortion clinic for an abortion or other reasons, that pregnancy is evidence a sexual injury has occurred as defined by Kansas Law, and that those incidents must be reported. He also stated that if this case prevails, it would invalidate all reporting requirements and seriously hamper law enforcement’s ability to investigate crimes against children.
“We are proud of Attorney General Phill Kline and his efforts to protect our children from sexual predators,” said Newman. “The plaintiffs’ efforts to use misinformation about Kline’s opinion are unconscionable scare tactics designed to make people afraid that the State will be snooping in their private lives. Kline’s testimony today revealed that these claims are purely fictitious.”
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