Topeka, KS – This morning the Kansas Senate failed to override Gov. Mark Parkinson’s veto of a reporting bill that would have helped authorities determine if post-viability abortions done in that state comply with the law. The vote fell one short of the 27 votes needed to override.
On Monday, in a second attempt, the House successfully voted to override Parkinson’s veto of HB 2115.
“A vote against this common sense reporting bill is a vote for illegal abortions on viable babies. It’s as simple as that,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Right now there is no way for authorities to look at the data and tell if these abortions are done legally. In fact, there is some evidence that they are not. This sends the message to unscrupulous abortionists around the nation that Kansas is the place to do lucrative late-term abortions, because they can rest assured that the laws will never be enforced.”
Polls show that Americans disapprove of late-term abortions in the strongest terms. Sixty-eight percent oppose second trimester abortions and a stunning 84% oppose third trimester abortions.
“Those who voted to sustain the veto are completely out of touch with the American people on this issue. The saddest part is that this bill is not about further limiting late-term abortions, but simply making sure that the abortions that are done comply with the law,” said Newman. “Legislators that would vote for illegal abortions are not fit for public service. They think we won’t, but we promise that we will remember them when they stand for reelection in 2012.”