But Pro-life Efforts to Expose Dangerous Mills Result in Abortion Clinic Closure
Wichita, KS — The Kansas House of Representatives failed to override the veto of HB 2503, the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would have required abortion clinics to be licensed and meet minimum health and safety standards. The override attempt fell only two votes short as representatives defected after massive disinformation from the abortion lobby coupled with the introduction of a new, much weaker compromise bill that would apply to all outpatient clinics.
HB 2503 was originally passed with 88 votes, well over the two-thirds needed for a veto override. The Senate had passed the measure with 27 votes, just enough for an override. Pro-lifers were confident that the House would override, however, at the eleventh hours six House members switched their votes on Thursday to sustain the veto.
However, due to the evidence brought forth in suspport of HB 2503 by pro-lifers documenting filthy conditions at a Kansas City abortion mill run by Krishna Rajanna, that mill has permanently closed. Because of the public pressure focused on Rajanna’s rat and roach infested facility, Rajanna’s medical license was suspended in September. Unable to pay his bills, his clinic office was leased to another business, which is currently in the process of gutting the space to convert it to a restaurant.
“Every cloud has a silver lining,” said Operation Rescue president Troy Newman. “We may not have gotten the legislation that we wanted, but a dangerous abortion mill has closed as a result of pro-lifers exposing the ‘unfruitful works of darkness.’ We are happy about that.”
“Tonight, the lives of women remain at risk at Kansas’ unsafe, unregulated abortion mills,” said OR spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger who helped document five life-threatening abortion injuries including one abortion death in a thirteen-month time-span at George Tiller’s abortion clinic in Wichita. “Gov. Sebelius and her cohorts have chosen to place politics over the welfare of women by failing to implement this common-sense legislation. We know that it is only a matter of time before more women are injured or even killed by sloppy, unaccountable Kansas abortionists. These politicians are going to have a lot of explaining to do to the victims’ families.”