Topeka, KS — Democratic challenger for the office of Kansas Attorney General has promised voters that, if elected, he will drop on-going investigations into two abortion clinics where it is suspected that illegal late-term abortions are occurring as well the non-reporting of child sexual abuse.
Paul Morrison, a pro-abortion supporter who recently switched parties to run against incumbent Republican Attorney General Phill Kline, has blasted Kline on his pursuit of medical records in the investigation of sex crimes against children. He calls such a request a “violation of privacy.”
“It should be absolutely shocking to the people of Kansas that a candidate for the position of the state’s s top law enforcement officer would promise to ignore such important laws as the reporting of child rape and the life-threatening performance of illegal late-term abortions.”
“The safety of women and children should be of the highest priority, but Morrison, by his own statements, has told Kansans that he will pick and choose which laws he wants to enforce and if that places the most vulnerable at risk, so be it. His political ambition and desire to promote his personal —and radical — pro-abortion agenda disqualifies him from the office he seeks,” said Newman.
Operation Rescue has uncovered campaign contributions to Morrison from such abortionists as Ronald Yeomans of Kansas City.
“I think Morrison is more concerned about the privacy of the pedophiles and abortionists than he is concerned for the victimized children, whose only hope is intervention,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
“The abortionists will use their financial support of Morrison’s political campaign to make sure that, if elected, Morrison will turn the other way when abortion mill wrong-doing surfaces, even if it means more children are raped and women die from illegal or improper late-term abortions. This disregard for the safety of women and children transcends politics. It is a human rights issue.”
Morrison has promised to instead create a “domestic violence task force” to replace Kline’s criminal investigations into wrong-doing by Kansas’ unregulated abortion industry. However, Kline has already established such a task force, which is operating successfully.