Will Corrupt Partisan Politics Protect Tiller From Prosecution?

Wichita, KS — Judge Paul W. Clark will hear a motion at 2 PM tomorrow where Attorney General Phill Kline will ask for 30 criminal charges to be reinstated against late-term abortionist George R. Tiller.
Judge Clark, who is currently assigned to hear traffic cases, had dismissed the charges Friday afternoon after pro-abortion Democratic District Attorney Nola Foulston successfully persuaded Clark, also a Democrat, that Kline had violated filing procedures.
Foulston says that Kline did not consult her or receive her permission before filing the charges against Tiller that allege illegal late-term abortions and improper reporting, but Kline insists that he met with Foulston in her Wichita office where she told him she would not interfere with the case.
Clark has invited a Tiller attorney and Attorney General-Elect Paul Morrison to also participate in tomorrow’s hearing. Morrison had made a campaign pledge to drop all investigations into Tiller and a Planned Parenthood in Overland Park if elected.
Clark was never presented evidence in the Tiller case, nor was Kline allowed to participate in the hearing where the Tiller charges were dismissed. Two other judges, Richard Anderson in Shawnee County and Eric Yost in Sedgwick County, both ruled there is probable cause to allow the case to continue after reviewing evidence presented by Kline’s office.
“Tiller’s blood money has greased the skids of the Kansas Democratic Party for years. They would not have the power they have today if it had not been for Tiller’s campaign contributions to both the party and to high profile democratic candidates such as Gov. Sebelius in her first campaign, and more recently to Morrison through third party contributions,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
“The entire Kansas Democratic Party owes Tiller and certainly does not want to lose their ‘Sugar Daddy.’ We question whether Attorney General Kline can get a fair hearing surrounded by so many Democratic operatives with a vested interest in Tiller’s fate. Tomorrow’s hearing will tell if corrupt partisan politics will continue to interfere with justice,” said Newman.