Owosso, MI – According to documents unsealed last week, the man who shot and killed pro-life activist Jim Pouillon as he protested abortion in front of a Michigan high school has admitted guilt.
The unsealed affidavit used to obtain a search warrant for Harlan Drake’s apartment and vehicle indicated that Drake had confessed to the murder and told authorities that he had prepared for the shooting spree by placing loaded rifles in his vehicle the night before he gunned down Pouillon and gravel pit owner Mike Fuoss on September 11, 2009. Drake had planned a third murder, but was arrested before he could carry it out.
Drake was remanded to a mental health facility shortly after his arrest after he made a suicide attempt while in custody. He has since been found competent to stand trial. According to news reports, Drake’s attorneys are preparing for an insanity defense.
“Mr. Drake admits that planned and carried out the murder of two innocent people. Justice demands that he pay for that now. The use of an insanity defense should not be an excuse to allow him to escape the consequences of his actions,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We pray that Mr. Drake would first seek repentance and forgiveness in Jesus Christ, then take responsibility for the lives he took and submit to justice through the courts. To do less would be to diminish the value of the lives of Mr. Pouillon and Mr. Fuoss and would only serve to further the injustice done to them.”