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By Cheryl Sullenger
Columbus, OH – Ohio Gov. John Kasich has vetoed the Heartbeat Bill, which would have protected babies in the womb as soon as their heartbeats are detected.
Disappointingly, it has been reported that Ohio Right to Life, an affiliate of National Right to Life, asked Kasich to veto the Heartbeat Bill, which would save an estimated 20,000 lives per year. Kasich’s veto is considered by many as a betrayal of his own self-proclaimed pro-life conscience, as well as those yet to be conceived who depend upon him for their very lives.
Instead, Kasich signed Ohio Right to Life-backed law that would prohibit abortions after 20 weeks when babies in the womb are known to feel pain.
“We are saddened that a pro-life group would oppose such ground-breaking legislation that has the potential to save hundreds of thousands of lives over time,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, a long-time supporter of both the Heartbeat Bill and the 20-week abortion ban. “It would have been better for them to remain silent on the Heartbeat Bill, while advocating for their own legislation. The last thing we need is lives lost due to ‘friendly fire.’”
The Liberty Counsel has offered to defend the Heartbeat Bill at no cost to the state. Meanwhile, conditions at the Supreme Court under a Trump Administration could significantly change in favor of legislation that protects life. These two facts make Kasich’s veto indefensible.
However, Janet Porter of Faith2Action, who authored and actively lobbied for the Heartbeat Bill, believes that a veto override effort could be successful.
“Governor Kasich’s political career is over. We must now focus on those who want a future by voting to override Kasich’s betrayal and give babies with beating hearts a future,” said Porter. “Do not give up! Arkansas overrode their Governor’s veto of their Heartbeat Bill and so can we!”
Operation Rescue is joining with Porter in asking supporters of the Heartbeat Bill to take the following action:
Thank Speaker Cliff Rosenberger for getting the Heartbeat Bill passed! Then, ask him to override Kasich’s veto of the Heartbeat Bill by bringing it to a vote in the House.
Speaker Cliff Rosenberger: (614) 466-3506
Only two votes need to switch to override Kasich’s veto. Call these five Representatives and ask them to vote to protect babies with beating hearts by overriding Gov. Kasich’s veto of the Heartbeat Bill.

1. Steven Arndt 614-644-6011
2. Theresa Gavarone 614-466-8104
3. Ann Gonzales 614-466-4847
4. Cheryl Grossman 614-466-9690
5. Stephanie Kunze 614-466-8012

If you don’t live in Ohio, please call anyway! This law could potentially set a legal precedent that may help protect babies all states.