Delay heightens concerns of records tampering

Topeka, KS – The Kansas Supreme Court today issued a stay on the production of 2,000 abortion records that George R. Tiller had been ordered to hand over to a Sedgwick County grand jury that is investigating him for committing illegal late-term abortions. The stay was signed by Chief Justice Kay McFarland, a well-known and avid abortion supporter. No decision will be made before February 25, 2008.
Operation Rescue president Troy Newman issues the following statement concerning the latest delay in the grand jury investigation:
“This delay only heightens concerns that when the abortion records are finally produced, that the grand jury will be given records that have been tampered with or altered in some way so as to keep incriminating evidence out of the hands of the grand jury. We are painfully aware that the tampering of abortion records has already occurred in another illegal abortion case involving Planned Parenthood, which has ties to Tiller.
“Every time law enforcement or a legal investigation gets close to the truth, Tiller runs to the Supreme Court. We strongly urge the Supreme Court to stop interfering with the ability of law enforcement and other legally instituted entities to fully investigate crimes that Tiller and his cohorts may be committing. Chief Justice Kay McFarland needs to out of the business of covering for Tiller.”
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