BREAKING! Planned Parenthood was granted a last minute abortion license. After midnight tonight, Kansas will have only one abortion clinic. A hearing will be held at 3pm Friday on the 2 other clinic’s request for a temporary restraining order. This situation is changing by the hour, so check back for updates!
Planned Parenthood was denied an abortion license today. All three abortion clinics seek a restraining order to stay in business.
Kansas City, KS – The Kansas Department of Health and Environment today denied an abortion license to Planned Parenthood in Overland Park under a new law set to go into full effect on Friday, July 1. Planned Parenthood filed suit to block the implementation of the new safety regulations within minutes of being denied a license.
Earlier, Aid for Women in Kansas City was notified that they would not be granted a license based on information provided in their application. Father-daughter abortionist team Herbert Hodes and Traci Nauser cancelled their scheduled inspection this week and instead filed suit against the law. Aid For Women joined in that suit yesterday.
When asked about the new abortion safety regulations, Hodes told the Associated Press, “We’re doomed.”
Yesterday, Operation Rescue discovered that Federal Magistrate K. Gary Sebelius had been assigned to hear the court challenge filed by Hodes. Sebelius is the husband of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who, as Kansas governor, vetoed similar abortion safety rules and actively worked to protect abortionists from accountability under the law. Operation Rescue immediately called for his recusal. In a speedy victory, Sebelius filed to recuse today along with presiding Judge Richard D. Rogers.
The case has been reassigned to Clinton-appointee Judge Carlos Murguia, with whom a hearing has been scheduled for Friday. All three clinics are seeking a temporary restraining order against the law. Operation Rescue plans to attend the hearing.
“Through our many years of experience, Operation Rescue has found that abortion clinics and the abortion staff hate being regulated and inspected. It is no surprise that these shoddy abortion clinics refuse the most basic standards like wash sinks, proper medications on hand, and emergency resuscitation equipment,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
“Abortion providers are far from heart surgeons. They represent the worst the medical community has to offer. If the last three abortion clinics in Kansas cannot comply with the new safety laws then they should do us all a favor and close up shop forever.
“A review of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment records shows that not one single abortion has ever been performed on a woman in Kansas to save her life. It is a fact that abortion is a purely elective procedure for mothers to terminate their pre-born children’s lives.”