Kansas City, Kansas – Documents leaked to Operation Rescue by a confidential informant contain proof that Central Family Medical, a Kansas City abortion clinic also known as Aid for Women, routinely does not report suspected abuse on women and minors who seek abortions.
“The State of Kansas owes former Attorney General Phill Kline a huge apology. It turns out his investigations of abortion clinics for not reporting child sex abuse was completely justified, according to documents we now have in our possession,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation.
“We call on Attorney General Derek Schmidt to reopen Kline’s abortion clinic investigation to ensure that young women and girls are protected from sex abuse. Right now, clinics like Central Family Medical are ignoring possible abuse and are handing victims back to their accusers for more abuse, just like these same people did in the Estrada case in Wichita a few years ago.”
Yesterday, Operation Rescue released redacted images of the Supplimental Termination of Pregnancy reports from CFM that show the forms are pre-printed to include a “No” answer in a question on the form asking if a report of suspected abuse was filed.
In addition to the incriminating forms, Operation Rescue also released redacted samples of other sensitive private medical information related to abortions on 86 women during the single month of April, 2012. The full report, including a video summarizing the evidence, can be viewed at OperationRescue.org.
Operation Rescue has filed complaints with the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, and the Kansas State Board of Nursing seeking a full investigation and calling for the emergency closure of Central Family Medicine.
In 2003, Attorney General Phill Kline launched an investigation into Kansas abortion clinic on the information that abortion clinics were failing to report child sex abuse. The radically pro-abortion administration of former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, (now U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services), thwarted Kline’s investigation at every turn and eventually took aggressive steps that ultimately made it impossible for him to pursue the abuse non-reporting aspect of his investigation. Kline was later brought up on ethics charges for his handling of heavily redacted abortion records obtained under subpoena after three years of legal battles by the clinics. Pro-life groups, including Operation Rescue, believe Kline’s ethics case was politically motivated to protect abortion clinics from criminal prosecution.
“If Kline’s investigations had been allowed to continue, we might see better protections for young women and girls who suffer from sex abuse. Instead we have abortion clinics that ignore abuse and refuse to report suspected cases. This situation is intolerable and must be investigated by authorities. Rape victims deserve better than to be given abortions then handed back to their abusers,” said Newman.
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