OR says Morrison unqualified to interfere in abortion investigation

Topeka, KS — Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison filed a motion with the Kansas Supreme Court yesterday in an attempt to intervene in an investigation by the Johnson County District Attorney into possible criminal activity by a Kansas City Planned Parenthood office.
“Although the records are sealed, there are numerous indications that this interference from Morrison’s office is an attempt to side with Planned Parenthood in their efforts to reclaim possibly incriminating records from the District Attorney,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
Planned Parenthood and George Tiller were under investigation for the concealment of child rape and illegal abortions by former Attorney General Phill Kline. In an unusual job swap, Morrison took over as A.G. in January while Kline replaced Morrison as Johnson County District Attorney. During his time in the D.A.’s office, Morrison refused to investigate Planned Parenthood even though evidence had surfaced that the abortion office was coaching 13-year old girls what to say when they came in for abortions so their sexual abusers would not be reported to authorities.
Morrison issued a letter to Planned Parenthood in June saying that no criminal charges would be filed against them by his office and revealing that the local District Attorney had possession of copies of abortion records subpoenaed by the Kline administration.
In December, Sedgwick County District Attorney Nola Foulston successfully had charges dismissed against Tiller on the argument that attorneys general have no authority in a county unless invited by the local D.A. In January, Morrison withdrew a motion with the Kansas Supreme Court to reinstate the Tiller charges that had been filed by a special prosecutor appointed to the case, which he also fired.
“By withdrawing that motion, Morrison was telling everyone that he agreed with Foulston about the limitations of attorneys general in county cases,” said Newman. “Only now he has made the unprecedented move to interfere in an ongoing county criminal investigation for the benefit of the target of the investigation. He shouldn’t have it both ways. Morrison’s hypocrisy is showing.”
“Morrison benefitted from an estimated total of $1 million in abortion money during his campaign,” said Newman. “This move to protect Planned Parenthood from further investigation just reeks of corruption.”
The case is Kansas Supreme Court Case #98747