Topeka, Kansas – On the last day she was legally entitled to do so, abortionist Ann Kristin Neuhaus filed suit in Shawnee County, Kansas, appealing a unanimous decision by the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts to revoke her medical license.
“We have every confidence that the Board’s decision to revoke Neuhaus’ medical license was a sound one made for the public good that will stand up to any legal challenge. Her final gambit is a frail hope that the pro-abortion Kansas Supreme Court will overturn the revocation,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation. “It is more likely that this appeal is simply an attempt to delay having to pay the fees that the Board levied upon her.”
Neuhaus was ordered to pay $92,672.44 in costs to the Board, which is payable upon completion of the appeals process.
The Board revoked Neuhaus’ license based on a complaint filed by Operation Rescue after evidence was presented that she seriously endangered the health of minor girls by performing inadequate mental health exams that were then used to justify late-term abortions. Neuhaus used a dubious teaching computer program called PsychManager Lite to input answers to yes or no questions, then assigned the diagnosis that the program generated. In one case, there was no evidence that she ever met or interviewed the patient.
Neuhaus was hostile during her disciplinary hearings, often criticizing the Board and blaming others for her negligence.
“I’m here to comply with the law, but once I step into the clinic, my own priorities take precedence,” she defiantly testified.
She blamed her shoddy record keeping on pro-life activists, arguing that she kept inadequate records to protect patient privacy in the event the records fell into the hands of the media. The Board found this argument completely without merit.
The Board noted that Neuhaus had a long history of disciplinary action, which contributed to the Board’s decision to revoke her license. In 1999, she was found to have violated Federal drug regulations and in 2001, the Board determined that she repeatedly “deviated from the standard of care” for patients.
Neuhaus once operated her own abortion clinic in Lawrence, Kansas, but closed it after the disciplinary action in 2001. She also once worked as an abortionist for Central Family Planning, a Wichita abortion clinic that was bought and closed by Operation Rescue in 2006. That refurbished former abortion clinic now serves as Operation Rescue’s national headquarters.