Amazing developments as 40 Days For Life prayer campaign to stop abortion continues
Wichita, KS — October 9, 2007 — George Tiller and other abortionists around Kansas are having a bad day. Never since abortion was decriminalized over three decades ago has the abortion industry been in such a bind.
We believe this is an answer to fervent, purposeful, and focused prayer.
“The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” -James 5:16
We are in our 14th day of prayer in our 40 Days For Life campaign and we are amazed to see what God is doing. We are seeing what Operation Rescue President Troy Newman calls a “full court press” against the abortion industry in Kansas.
Here is what is going on in Wichita and around the state:

Abortionist George Tiller:

  • Charged with 19 criminal counts of illegal abortion. This case is pending. He faces up to 19 years in jail and nearly $50,000 in fines.
  • Faces a grand jury investigation that could uncover literally hundreds of violations of the law in the past five years.
  • Faces two open investigations with the Kansas Board of Healing Arts for illegal abortions, illegal financial association with abortionist Ann Kristin Neuhaus, and 14 accusations of illegal and unethical conduct that violated the standard of care in the 2003 late abortion of Michelle Armesto. This could cost him his medical license.
  • Faces an ongoing investigation of the Kansas Legislature.
  • Abortionist Sherman Zaremski:

  • Faces an open complaint with the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts for not reporting the statutory rape of a 12-year old girl by her step-father, Robert Estrada. Zaremski’s concealment of the rape allowed Estrada to continue to attack his two young step-daughters for several years resulting in a total of 4 pregnancies. He needs to be held accountable for that.
  • Abortion Business Planned Parenthood:

  • The L.I.F.E. Coalition, comprised of Operation Rescue, Concerned Women for America, and Women Influencing the Nation, have launched a citizen petition to convene a grand jury in Johnson County, Kansas, to investigate 7 allegations of illegal activity on the part of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri.
  • Missouri state regulations threaten to close all of this branch’s Missouri offices.
  • It is no accident that the Kansas abortion industry is on the ropes. We believe that the doors that have opened for us to aggressively pursue them have opened only as a result of prayer.

  • In January, 2007, Operation Rescue conducted “A Cry for Justice” event focusing on prayer coupled with action to bring Tiller to justice for criminal activity uncovered in part by our ministry. The next month the Kansas Legislature decided to get involved and initiated efforts to compel various agencies to enforce the law.
  • In May we sponsored the 72-hour “Pray In May” round-the-clock vigil outside Tiller’s abortion mill asking for divine intervention in the affairs of men to bring stop Tiller’s child-killing business and bring him to justice. A couple of weeks later Dr. Paul McHugh, a renowned psychiatrist who examined abortion records from Tiller’s came forward with bombshell testimony that he believed Tiller was misusing psychiatry to circumvent the Kansas laws banning post-viability abortions. On June 28, Attorney General Paul Morrison, an avid abortion supporter who ran on the issue that abortion investigations were a waste of resources and violation of patient privacy, charged Tiller with 19 counts of illegal late-term abortions. That was nothing short of a miracle!
  • In July, Operation Rescue hosted the “Wichita Awakening,” a prayer event attended by over 500 young people from across the nation, and a total of over 1,000 people over the course of the event. About a week later, Tiller’s clinic temporarily closed and remained closed for the next 3 ½ weeks! This closure was unprecedented. In all, Tiller remained closed for a total of 38 days over the summer months. During the following weeks, Kansans for Life gathered enough signatures to convene a grand jury investigation, and legislative hearings were held in Topeka to investigate Tiller’s late-term abortion business.
  • On September 26, we began a 40 Days For Life vigil outside Tiller’s abortion mill, which will conclude on November 4. Since then, Tiller’s attorneys were denied their motion to block the grand jury and a new investigation was launched by the KSBHA to investigate Tiller and his California abortionist Shelley Sella in the Armesto abortion.
  • What will God do next?
    Please consider taking a prayer shift at Tiller’s Wichita abortion mill, or the abortion clinic closest to you, between now and November 4, and be a part of this historic prayer effort to stop abortion in Kansas and across the nation.