changedhermind.jpgWichita, KS — As George Tiller fired up his baby killing machine for the busy Mother’s Day killing spree, not all of his victims left the crime scene without a pulse.
Friday, Tiller’s busiest first-trimester killing day, had Operation Rescue West offering help to the young mothers, challenging the irresponsible fathers, and rebuking the wicked abortion clinic staff.
The noise and commotion was all that was needed to ignite the maternal instinct of a youthful woman in her early twenties. She left the standing-room-only lobby of the nation’s biggest killing center, hopped in her car and stopped on her way out of the parking lot only long enough to tell ORW that it was the yelling that changed her mind.
“Just because of all your yelling, I am going to keep my baby!” she said. Before they drove off the mother thanked ORW for being there for her and beamed with the anticipation of birthing her baby. Counselors cheered her on and offered help with any physical item she may need before or after the birth of her child.
In other news: People driving the following cars had business with the death industry on Friday, May 7, 2004:
Texas 3HN-871
Kansas RKJ-912
Kansas QNA-002
Kansas UJP-546
Kansas UYZ-896
Arkansas 940-FWK