Washington, DC – The nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee today by a vote of 13-6. The vote was split on party lines, with the exception of Sen. Lindsey Graham, who jumped over to support Sotomayor along with the Democrats on the committee.
This clears the way for the full Senate to consider her nomination. A date for that vote has not been set as of this writing.
“We understand that it is virtually assured that Sotomayor will be confirmed, but it is important to continue to voice opposition and allow the dialog about her liberal support for abortion to be conducted in the public forum,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
“Senators are supposed to represent the wishes of the American people, but so often they are non-responsive because they believe that either no one is watching, or that there will be no consequence for ignoring their constituents,” said Newman.
“It is the job of every pro-life American to let their senators know that neither Sotomayor nor anyone else who supports the killing of innocent children through abortion, is fit for dog catcher, much less the Supreme Court. Senators need to know that a vote for Sotomayor will earn a vote for their opponent on Election Day.”
Operation Rescue urges all pro-lifers to call their senators, write letters to their local newspapers, and urge all their friends and family to do the same.
“Post your views and links to the Senate contact page on your Facebook pages, Twitter, and other social networking sites. We must take the abortion debate to the public forum and let Washington know that the American people do not support liberal judges that will uphold abortion on demand or Senators who vote to confirm them.”
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