Aurora, IL — A Federal Court Judge ruled yesterday that a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in the Chicago suburb of Aurora, must remain closed for now. The clinic was built with permits that supplied the city with false and misleading information about the true nature of the abortion business.
U.S. District Judge Charles Norgle refused to allow the clinic to open until further information could be supplied to the court. Further hearings on this matter are expected.
“The continued closure of this deceitful abortion mill is a victory for the pro-life movement which exposed Planned Parenthood’s lies to the city. But it is especially a victory for the pre-born babies whose innocent lives will not be taken there,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
“We will continue our opposition to the opening of this abortion mill until it is sold to a reputable business that respects life,” said Newman.
Planned Parenthood built the 22,000 square feet, $7.5 million structure on permits it obtained under the name Gemini Medical Offices. Planned Parenthood admits it misled the city about their true name and purpose in order to keep pro-life supporters from discovering that what they were really building was the nation’s largest abortion mill.
Newman will be in Chicago this weekend to celebrate the victory with the Pro-Life Action League, which spearheaded efforts by a number of pro-life groups, including Operation Rescue, to prevent the abortion clinic from opening.