Denver, CO – Make plans now to join Operation Rescue for the pro-life witness at the Democratic National Convention to be held August 22-25 in Denver, Colorado. The name of the event is “A Prayer For Change.”
The event is being sponsored by the Christian Defense Coalition and the Survivors. Operation Rescue will be participating along with Generation Life National, Faith and Action, National Clergy Council, Rock for Life, and Generation Life Philadelphia.
“This is a critical year for the supporters of life. The two options for the Democratic nomination are both radical supporters of abortion who will work to prop up the failing abortion cartel,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “As the nation and the world is watching, it is the duty of Christians to be a prophetic witness on behalf of the pre-born. Please join us for this powerful event!”
Planned events include prayer vigils, uplifting rallies, street activities, and outdoor concerts celebrating life and calling for an end to America’s war on the pre-born. There will be special youth-oriented events, uniting and inspiring the emerging generation to take a stand for the pre-born.
For more information, please visit the special event web site at
Operation Rescue Clarifies Misrepresentations Concerning DNC Activities
August 19, 2008
Operation Rescue issues the following statement, attributable to Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor, Operation Rescue:

It has come to our attention that Randall Terry is representing himself as being “of Operation Rescue” and is further making public statements that “OR Activists” are “planning arrests” during the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado.
In fact, Randall Terry is not associated with our organization, Operation Rescue, nor are Operation Rescue activists “planning arrests” or any other activities in concert with or under the direction of Mr. Terry during the DNC.