From diversified revenue streams to intact late-term fetal cadavers, Planned Parenthood says, “We can make that happen.”

By Cheryl Sullenger
Houston, TX — A fifth video was released today by the Center for Medical Progress, this one discussing Planned Parenthood’s willingness alter abortion procedures to procure intact late-term aborted fetal cadavers form babies that could have been born alive. This information adds a shocking new layer of insight into Planned Parenthood’s participation in the illegal sale of fetal body parts.
Today’s video focuses on Planned Parenthood’s Center for Choice Surgical Center, located on Gulf Freeway in Houston, Texas.
CMP actors posing as representatives of an organ procurement company engaged in conversation with Melisa Farrell, Planned Parenthood’s Director of Research, who explained that abortion procedures are being altered to produce “intact specimens” when orders require it. “We can make that happen,” she said.
The discussion centered on the desire for aborted baby remains, particularly intact cadavers that were in the 16 to 22 week range. If such babies were birthed intact, the possibility exists that they could be born alive during the abortions, which is illegal.
“And we have had studies in which the company, and or in this case, investigator, has a specific need for certain portions of the parts of conception and we base that into our contract and our protocol that we follow this, so we deviate from our standard in order to do that,” Farrell said, (emphasis added).
Altering a medical procedure to ensure organs are better suited for harvesting is illegal. It is also dangerous. If a woman were to be injured or die during a procedure that was altered to ensure marketable organs, it would be grossly unethical and would represent huge liabilities to Planned Parenthood.
The Houston Planned Parenthood facility has been the site of multiple documented medical emergencies, including four incidents in less than 30 days that took place in January and February, 2015. Operation Rescue obtained 911 records that show a February 6 medical emergency involved a patient with a ruptured uterus during an abortion that required emergency transport to a nearby hospital.
“Whether any of those injuries were done during altered abortions is a matter for investigators to determine,” said Newman.
The Houston Planned Parenthood employs six abortion providers that do abortions “beyond 16 weeks.” The “buyers” were reassured that the abortionists have experience conducting abortion procedures “in a way that they get the best specimens, so we know that can happen,” according to XXX.
In a startling revelation, Farrell mentioned that Planned Parenthood abortion providers in Houston have been personally engaged in their own experiments using fetal body parts from abortions they perform. In addition, Farrell shared that research group wanted Planned Parenthood to provide a large amount of fetal tissue. In this case, the research lab was requesting 120 samples, including brain, thymus, liver, spleen, femur, bone marrow, and stem cells from 14 to 22 weeks gestation. The conclusion was reached that intact fetal cadavers were preferred for sale to the lab since so much of the body was required.
“The admission that Planned Parenthood abortionists manipulate procedures in order to better harvest organs or even late-term intact fetal cadavers for human experimentation purposes conjures images of H.G. Wells’ Dr. Moreau. It is all clearly illegal,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Are ethical standards adhered to during these private experiments? Given Planned Parenthood’s propensity for unethical, above-the-law arrogance, it is doubtful.”
Newman also serves on the Board of the Center for Medical Progress, and acted in an advisory capacity during the nearly three-year long investigation.
Farrell’s contribution to the Planned Parenthood organization, both locally and nationally is “diversification of the revenue stream.” She goes on to agree that organ procurement can be a “gold mine” that financially benefits her clinic.
“I’m glad that you have that background so you can see the financial benefits,” noted one of the “buyers” as the Planned Parenthood executive nodded her head continually in agreement.
“I think everyone realizes, especially because my department contributes so much to the bottom line of our organization here, even though we are one of the largest affiliates, our research department is the largest in the United States, larger than any of the other affiliates combined,” Farrell said.
“Yeah, so if we alter a process and we are able to obtain intact fetal cadavers, then we can make it part of the budget, that any dissections are this, and spitting the specimens into different shipments is this, I mean, that’s – it’s all just a matter of line items.”
The scene shifts to the “POC Room” where the fetal remains, also known as the ‘products of conception’ are sorted and stored in a freezer or simply comingled in a large biohazard bag for later collection and incineration.
One technician produced from a freezer a bag of remains from an 18-20 week old fetus that was aborted earlier that day. She poured the tissue in a colander and rinsed it, then dumped the chunky lumps of flesh into a glass pan.
There, the baby’s dismembered remains were inspected. Arms with hands attached and legs with feet were clearly observed, as well as eyeballs still within the orbital pockets.
The abortionist lifted a drippy clump, noting that this was the intestines.
Planned Parenthood employees at the Houston clinic packaged the specimens for shipment, which was a different procedure that at other Planned Parenthood affiliates where organ procurement technicians employed by biotech companies usually do that work.
The abortionist and Farrell discussed an upcoming National Abortion Federation meeting where Planned Parenthood Medical Director Deborah Nucatola was to present on the varying laws on fetal tissue procurement from state to state. Another Planned Parenthood abortion provider was set to present on “fetal collection,” they said.
“This information implicates the National Abortion Federation in the illegal selling of fetal organs,” said Newman.
Evidence of alleged NAF involvement comes one day after a San Francisco judge extended a temporary restraining order on videos taken during secretive NAF national meetings, citing NAF’s arguments that their meetings are confidential and attendees must sign non-disclosure agreements.
“The NAF knows that if the public understood what really is discussed behind closed doors that there is no public relations firm in existence that could spin that in a favorable light. In order for abortion to continue, the veil of secrecy that conceals horrifying acts from the public must be maintained at any cost,” said Newman, who was named in the suit along with the Center for Medical Progress and its Director, David Daleiden. “We will continue to fight to protect our Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. The truth will ultimately come out, no matter how hard the Abortion Cartel tries to hide it.”