American Holocaust:
See Inside an Abortion Death Camp

Few memories resonate throughout humanity more than the images of the decaying bodies of Nazi victims. However, these pictures were not taken in 1945 by an Army victorious over evil. No, these images were taken in 1998 in California — in a scene that is repeated every week in every American city, in your city. How long will you sit idly by?

These pictures were taken 1/25/98 and 2/1/98 at:

National Cyto-Path Laboratories
3780 Woodruff Ave., #K
Long Beach, CA 90808

This “lab” is a depot for Family Planning Associates, California’s largest abortion mill chain. Every container holds a baby who was murdered by abortion. The size of the container is proportional to the age of the child. The larger containers hold 2nd trimester babies. Each of these children deserved to live. (Please give these pictures time to load.)