Word on the illegal late-term abortion charges expected Thursday or Friday.
Topeka, KS — Attorney General Paul Morrison has announced that the 15 reporting charges filed by former Attorney General Phill Kline will not be pursued, characterizing them as “ridiculous.”
According to Morrison, Tiller could not be charged with criminal intent because he filled out the forms reporting late-term abortions the way that the Kansas Department of Health and Environment required them to be filled out.
“Attorney General Kline investigated Tiller and believed, from the evidence, that Tiller violated the law. A Shawnee County judge looked at the evidence and ruled that there was probable cause to believe that Tiller violated the law. A Sedgwick County judge and the Special Prosecutor came to the same conclusion after reviewing the evidence. One of the nation’s most accomplished and respected psychiatrists looked at the records and concluded that Tiller was violating the law. In fact, the only person to look at the records and determine that Tiller did not violate the law is Paul Morrison,” said Operation Rescue Senior Policy Advisor Cheryl Sullenger. “The reasons women are getting abortions — so they can go to rock concerts or so they will not wreck their tummy tucks — are not being reported as required by law. The laws are not being properly enforced at any level of government.”
“We are still awaiting Morrison’s decision on the charges of illegal late-term abortion. There is ample evidence in the public domain right now to get a conviction on that charge,” Sullenger said. “If Morrison lets Tiller off the hook on those counts, then he is the one who should be under investigation for corruption and obstruction of justice.”
Morrison announced yesterday that no charges would be filed against Planned Parenthood in Overland Park. That abortion clinic was under investigation for illegal abortions and concealment of child rape.