By Cheryl Sullenger
Indianapolis, IN –The Medical Licensing Board of Indiana met this morning and promptly dismissed a motion filed by abortionist Ulrich Klopfer, 73, seeking to dismiss the disciplinary case against him. A full disciplinary hearing will now take place at a later date and could result in the revocation of his medical license.
“In a better world, it would have been great to see a suspension of Klopfer’s license pending revocation proceedings, but for now, we are pleased that the disciplinary case against him will proceed,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
The Medical Licensing Board of Indiana filed an Administrative Complaint against Klopfer on September 17, 2014, accusing him of committing over 1,800 violations between July 2012, and November 2013. The allegations pertained primarily to intentional omissions on Termination of Pregnancy Reports that protected suspected child sex offenders and hid gestational ages from authorities.
The Board allegations are the result of complaints filed by Indiana Right to Life after obtaining hundreds of Pregnancy Termination Reports from the Indiana State Department of Health via Freedom of Information Act requests.
Operation Rescue consulted with Indiana Right to Life on this case.
In seeking sanctions against Klopfer, the Indiana Medical Licensing Board noted that he is “unfit to practice due to professional incompetence.” The Board complaint listed nine categories of violations, including:

• Knowingly failed to obtain signed informed consent from patients 18 hours prior to their abortions.
• Knowingly failed to ensure patient received legally mandated abortion counseling.
• Failure to submit Pregnancy Termination Reports for 13-year olds within 3 days of their abortions as legally required.
• Knowingly failed to include the name of the father on 1,818 Termination of Pregnancy Reports.
• Knowingly failed to include the approximate age of the father in 1,818 Termination of Pregnancy Reports.
• Knowingly failed to include the post-fertilization age of the pre-born baby on 1,816 Termination of Pregnancy reports.
• Knowingly failed to include obstetrical histories on hundreds of Termination of Pregnancy Reports.
• Knowingly failed to ensure the results of pathology examinations on hundreds of Termination of Pregnancy Reports.
• Knowingly failed to determine the date for last menses for hundreds of patients.

Klopfer’s pattern of omitting critical information on the state mandated reporting forms served to cover up for child rapists and made it nearly impossible for the State to investigate suspected cases of child sex abuse or determine whether the abortions done by Klopfer were within the legal gestational limits in Indiana.
Also as a result of the complaints, two of the three Indiana Counties where Klopfer once operated criminally charged Klopfer with failing to report suspected child sex abuse.
“We have no idea how many little girls were handed back to their abusers by Klopfer. He did everything he could to protect the rapists at the expense of the safety of little girls that depended on him to save them. He really belongs in prison,” said Newman.
Klopfer’s Ft. Wayne facility closed last year and he surrendered his Gary facility license earlier this month. Klopfer continues to do abortions at his South Bend location.