Abortion nurse admits receipt of “blood money.”

About a dozen Christmas Carolers from Operation Rescue sang Christmas hymns in the neighborhood of abortion nurse Stacey Pack on Thursday evening, December 9. Operation Rescue’s peaceful troupe of songsters also held signs identifying Pack as an abortion nurse, along with images of aborted children similar to the ones that she helps to kill at George Tiller’s infamous late-term abortion mill in Wichita, Kansas. The Truth Truck was parked across the street from the Pack residence, raising the ire of the predominately homosexual neighborhood.
Seven squad cars from the Wichita Police Department soon arrived, but the Carolers never missed a beat, pausing only long enough to offer prayers for the salvation of Pack and her neighbors.
Pack arrived home from work and spoke to the police before entering her driveway. She stood in her yard with a few friends listening to the singing, then suddenly approached the Carolers.
Pack indicated that her neighbors were “fine with this,” referring to her job killing innocent children. In fact, Pack invited Operation Rescue to return to her neighborhood any time.
The conversation with abortion nurse Pack, captured on video tape, was chilling.
“I just want to thank you,” Pack said. “We get paid with the doctor’s blood money, so feel free to show up as many times as you want. I get paid for you and you and you,” she continued, pointing to each of the Carolers. “And the Truth Truck is extra! And the fliers you put out, I get paid for each and every one that I turn in.”
When asked how much the bounty was that Tiller pays, Pack replied, “None of your business, but I’m making a killing!”