[This illegal abortion mill in West Covina, CA mentioned in the article below, was closed by the State Department of Health for operating without a license. It is refreshing to see a governmental agency consider the health and safety of the public and take action against an illegal abortion business. The State of Kansas, where abortionists can kill women and suffer absolutely no consequences, could take a cue from California on this one. The closed mill in West Covina, and its previous location in El Monte, were the sites of many Operation Rescue protests. We rejoice that babies are not being killed there today! -OR Staff]
Family planning clinic shut down amid probe
By Christina L. Esparza Staff Writer
WEST COVINA – The doors of an abortion clinic are closed as state officials investigate whether the Family Planning Medical Center has been operating illegally, officials said Thursday.
The state Department of Health Services issued a cease-and-desist order to the clinic, in the 1530 block of West Merced Avenue, said Norma Arceo, spokeswoman for the department.
The state charges the clinic had been operating illegally because it did not have a license, which is required by state law if it is not run by a physician, Arceo said.
“We did a cease-and-desist order to Win Management (management company for the clinic) for illegally operating a clinic,” Arceo said. “The doors are in fact closed.”
The investigation is continuing.
Eva Winchell, an officer of Win Management, said the clinic is physician-owned, and is managed by her company.
“The whole thing could have very easily been fixed,” Winchell said. “It’s an administrative problem. I was shocked when they came with a cease- and-desist order. They hadn’t completed the investigation when they just shut the doctor’s office down.”
Winchell contends the investigation was spurred by the landlords of the building, Irvine-based Clear Creek Holding. She said the landlords disagreed with abortions being performed there, and feared other tenants would move out.
Clear Creek Holding could not be reached for comment.
Winchell said the clinic will move out of its location at the end of the month.
The clinic received the order in late October. Since then it has been sending its patients to a facility in Los Angeles.
The clinic had moved once before, from El Monte after years of clashing with anti-abortion protesters.
Besides abortion, the clinic also provides women’s health services, such as mammograms, Pap smears, birth control and prenatal care.