San Diego, CA – Two accomplices of convicted illegal abortionist Bertha Bugarin have been sentenced in San Diego County for their part in Bugarin’s illegal abortion scheme at her clinic in Chula Vista, CA.
According to the San Diego County District Attorney’s office Luz Catalina-Gomez and Paloma Yonna Solorzano-Rodriguez reached a sentencing agreement with San Diego Superior Court Judge Ted Wethers for probation and community service. “The People (DA’s office) did not take part in this deal,” said Paul Levikow, Communications Director for District Attorney’s office.
Catalina-Gomez was sentenced to 1 year of prison, which was stayed pending the completion of 350 hours of community service. She was also placed on three years of formal probation.
Solorzano-Rodriguez was sentenced to 1 year of prison, which was stayed pending the completion of 200 hours of community service and placed on three years of formal probation.
Both women were ordered to have no contact with their former employer Bertha Bugarin, or her sister, Raquel, and told not to seek employment in the medical field.
“The whole sentencing arrangement sounds fishy to us, but at least these women are out of the abortion business for good,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
“Let this serve as an example to all the abortionists and clinic workers who are operating outside the law. This could be you,” said Newman. “We urge those with knowledge of illegal abortion activity to come clean and report what they know to the authorities so they can avoid serious criminal charges.”
Bertha Bugarin is currently serving 6 years, 8 months on a total of 16 felonies related to conducting illegal abortions in San Diego and Los Angeles Counties. Raquel Bugarin was earlier sentenced to probation for her part in the crimes.
Of Bugarin, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis said, “This criminal preyed on women in the Hispanic community and has now been held accountable. By passing herself off as a doctor, she put these women’s lives in serious danger.”
For years, Operation Rescue exposed wrongdoing at the abortion chain. As a result, numerous abortionists hired by Bugarin suffered license revocation and other severe discipline. To keep her clinics open, Bugarin began doing the abortions herself, even though she had no medical background or training. Her chain of six abortion clinics, known as Clinica Medica Para La Mujer De Hoy, has now closed.