By Anne Reed

Boise, ID – In a matter of days, Idaho state laws banning abortion will take effect. The heartbeat law will be enforced on August 19, 2022, and the trigger law banning abortion in nearly every case, will take effect August 25, 2022, barring interference by the federal government.

The Idaho Supreme Court released its opinion Friday, denying a request from Planned Parenthood to block the state laws from taking effect as multiple lawsuits move forward. 

In March, prior to Roe’s overturn, Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit challenging a civil enforcement mechanism. And just days after the Roe v. Wade decision was released in late June, Planned Parenthood filed a second lawsuit challenging the state’s trigger law banning nearly all abortions – set to take effect August 25. 

In late July, with only a month remaining before the trigger ban was set to become effective, Planned Parenthood did something puzzling. The multi-billion-dollar abortion conglomerate filed a third lawsuit against the state for its heartbeat law. 

Why would Planned Parenthood trouble itself with a lawsuit in an attempt to block a heartbeat law just before a full abortion ban was scheduled to take effect? 

The action was simply not logical…unless Planned Parenthood decision-makers had inside information leading them to believe the trigger law would soon be blocked. Then, it would certainly be reasonable for the organization to start working to block the heartbeat law. Though less restrictive than a full ban, such laws are an imminent threat to the survival of abortion businesses.

On August 2, just a few days after the lawsuit challenging the heartbeat law was filed, Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a lawsuit against the state of Idaho over the trigger law.

“The suspicious nature of this series of events isn’t surprising in light of Vice President Kamala Harris’s long-standing history of colluding with Planned Parenthood,” explained Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

Idaho’s trigger law, like every other state banning abortion, includes an allowance for the life of the mother. However, the DOJ’s lawsuit claimed physicians would be prevented from providing stabilizing treatment to pregnant women requiring “medically necessary” abortions. 

The result of this overreach by the Biden-Harris administration’s DOJ is yet to be seen. A district judge yesterday ruled to allow the Idaho Legislature, which claimed the state would not adequately represent the legislation, to submit a brief and present arguments at a hearing on August 22 to decide whether implementation of the trigger law will be blocked based on the DOJs claim. 

In addition to an exception for documented rape, the Idaho legislature clarified in the language of the law that while protecting the life of the mother, “the best opportunity for the unborn child to survive” is also provided.

“The abortion cartel hates to see language acknowledging the value and humanity of the child in the womb,” said Newman. “That, together with the hefty punishments involved, is likely why the state of Idaho is being viciously attacked.”

The law specifies that any person who assists, attempts to commit, or commits a criminal abortion, will be subject to a felony sentence of 2-5 years imprisonment. In addition, professional licensure will be subject to suspension on the first offense and revocation for a second offense. 

Idaho is the only state in the western U.S. successfully fighting for the lives of innocent human persons in the womb. Operation Rescue’s investigative phone calls this week confirmed that all three abortion clinics are no longer scheduling abortions beyond August 19.  

“Idaho will be officially abortion free after this Friday,” said Newman. “We celebrate this victory and stand in solidarity recognizing the great work of the people of Idaho – soon to be an abortion free island in the western United States.”

Other western states that have passed abortion bans quickly blocked by court orders are Wyoming, Utah, and Arizona. 

“We must keep fighting this dark spiritual battle through prayer – which inevitably results in repentance, rebuke, and rescue!” Newman encouraged. 

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