Protest to be held on Saturday, October 31, at 11:30 A.M. at the White House

Washington, DC — America is at a spiritual and moral crossroads as President Obama and the leaders of Congress are pushing for taxpayer funded abortions as a part of health care reform.
If this current proposed legislation becomes law, our tax dollars will be used to pay for the killing of innocent children and the diminishing of women through abortion.
Just Thursday, late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart, who defended the heinous Partial Birth abortion method at the Supreme Court and lost, was in Washington DC attending an invitation only rally with Nancy Pelosi to unveil the new health care plan that will specifically include tax funding for abortions.
Pelosi’s invitation of Carhart was a direct affront to the 71% of Americans that polls show oppose tax payer funded abortions
The Obama-Pelosi-Carhart scheme to publicly fund abortions would set the pro-life movement back at least 25 years toward their goal of ending the violence of abortion and protecting human rights. It would also dramatically increase the number of abortions.
Operation Rescue urges Americans to join the protest in Washington D.C on Saturday October 31, at 11:30 AM in front of the White House on Pennsylvania Ave. to let Obama know that 71% of the American people OPPOSE tax payer funded abortions.
“It is outrageous to think that abortion quacks like LeRoy Carhart, who is currently under criminal investigation for illegal and dangerous abortion practices, could end up with our hard-earned tax dollars,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Through grassroots protests like this one, we can make our voices heard.”
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Read the press release from the Christian Defense Coalition about this protest.
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